Gonzales - Soft Power album review

Hello. I have reviewed Gonzales' new album, Soft Power, for The Quietus.

Sample text:

This is Gonzales’ tribute to great and beautiful soft rock records of the seventies and eighties. You know. That shit you’re supposed to call a “guilty pleasure” because you’re a fuckwit whose musical taste is dictated by joyless broadsheet hacks, soulless dried husks of former white people who can’t enjoy Bon Jovi records without doing it ironically. Gonzales’ music shits down the throats of these Nazis. It always did. It is one of his superpowers.

Read the rest! Then look around. They got Swells! Brett Anderson was just in their office too. Luke saus he was looking "fucking cool actually." He's alright that Anderson. One time I gave him a bad review at a festival and he said it was funny and didn't cry like certain big girls' blouses.