Goldie Lookin Chain Are The Best Band In Britain.

The new GLC album is the best single body of recorded work I have this year.



On a strictly musical level it shits on every album to have come out of this country in ten years. The production is goliath. It's the Bomb Squad, Phil Spector, Jim Steinman, Brian Wilson and Kanye West headed by the RZA. Rap Unicron. SERIOUS!

Oh to hear Busta, Gonzo, Snoop, Skinny, Bashy, Bruza, Nas or Sov on any of this. But me, I Like GLC's rapping. It's like Biz, or Slick Ricky, or Ice Cube even, back in the day. And not only is it fucking spot on and piss funny, but it is on the bloodied knuckle Chris Morris could but dream of, whilst being sharper than a sack of South Parks, warmer (and cleverer) than a cannon of Commons, and even scary at times. CCTV CCTV CCTV CCTV...

Drones a chorus.


Newport's In The House - Kool Keef VS Beasties. Raw. Bad Boy Limp - MF Doom VS Tribe. Wu vibes. Grower. Your Missus Is A Nutter - Fucking Incredible beat. Kanye, Eminem, Kiss, CdeB. Filters. Glorious. True. Charmschool - Pete Rock gets Grange Hill. Hussein classic. Safeness in exelsiss (sic). R 'n' B - Heavenly. Spearhead, Extreme, fuckin Pharel. Stomach wrenching harmonies. Wisdom inherent. HRT - Fucking TURBOFUNK-WU! With Pete Rock soul! And Necroic sinister undertones! Serious and important message within. Truth in jest! IMPORTANT, you DRONES, to recognise you can have both! It doesn't have to be fucking Coldplay OR Bloc Party OR just DPZ fool! Dope shit is dope shit, you get that head out of your ass son! Culture cannot be judged on freak perceptions of acceptability, nor will boundaries ever set us free. GET ME!!!! Maggot At Midnight - Kanye-Wu-Willowthewisp creep-banger. Inspired. Shit Song - maybe the best electrorapbassbitch beat I have heard since DPZ's Hip-Hop. Serious. Monkey Love - A GLC classic from back in the day. Beautifully, and mournfully, produced. Short Term - A Cuban Links-era minor masterpiece detailing beautifully something I understand only too well. Paranoia - Aled Jones riffing, uber-para caper banger. Magical production. Ghost would love it. Sister - this is just triumph, this is. This is like them Super Furries did a song with Madness then that Dob Bylan turned up. Serious. And it's dead clever, cos the choruses are the best choruses you can get, and they, evilly only do them once, so you have to sit about pressing rewind all day and night and sing it in the shower like I have been.

Basically, Dwain P Xain or whatever the fuck it is, holla at your boy. We need to do an album. I'll get Chris de Burgh and Howard Jones in on it. And Ghost. Shit'll be incredible.