Godspeed Tony Scott

Tony Scott jumped off a bridge into the great beyond on Sunday.

As the director of pretty much my favourite film (it rotates with Ferris Bueller, Alien and It's A Wonderful Life depending on my mood), the dude changed my life forever. True Romance was the first movie I watched on my first video player in my first bedsit when I was 16, full of wonder and joy for what great romance and adventure the future would hold, and it was the last movie I watched before I got married, sat on my own in the wee hours with a jack and coke and tears streaming down my beautiful face. I quoted from it on the day of my wedding, in the speech I gave about my wife, as she danced around giddily behind me taking photos of our guests.

True Romance is, in my humble opinion, one of those consciousness shifting Alchemical Great Works, like those of Shakespeare and Da Vinchi. It changed the way I saw the world, and my potential within it. It gave colour and sound and form to things I'd always felt, and the inspiration to realise them in 3D.

Top Gun was pretty ace too.

Thank you Tony. Enjoy The Great Adventure.