Gifts For You You My Love

So, we saw Transformers on Friday - damn that shit bangs! What a great movie! Basically some Saturday afternoon, Christmas day, 9 years old male wish fulfilment fantasy shit. Boy gets car, car turns into giant fuck off robot, car helps boy save world and get girl. Incidentally, as we were watching that movie, Wade was at some wrap party with Megan Fox, its female lead. Wade says she is super hot, but tragically, going out with someone from 90210, of all things.

"but!" writes Wade. "i gets better

i met the DUDE

as in the DUDE


jeff bridges

and guess what we talked about


viking RUNES

and hitler

so bizarre


Anyway indeed. A whole bunch of us are getting super-excited about the imminent release of the new Wu-Tang Clan LP, 8 Diagrams. Urb magazine has a brilliant article about the thing here. And if you thought my experience with Interscope was dodgy, go read about Raekwon's. He can't even get a meeting with Jimmy. I had three, and I thought that was bullshit. Damn homie!

In other news , The Svenhunter has another podcast up. Bitch is getting them out quicker than me. I'm doing my one this afternoon. Rah. Anyway, Ali's has got various guest presenters, including The PPF, and is playing songs by Bill Drummond, Ghostface, Chrome Hoof, The Only Ones, Dizzee rascal, and more!

Oh, that lovely and scary picture of me up there was drawn by Endre from Norway. Nice one Endre!