Ghost > Wu

I hate to say it, but it is The Truth - Ghostface's Big Doe Rehab LP shits all over Wu-Tang's 8 Diagrams like a cot-dang Pterodactyl. BLA-OW!

Not saying the Wu record doesn't have its moments. That it's not good. But Tony's is better. Not only is Ghost better - but the Wu members that pop up on Big Doe go in harder, iller - over better beats - than on 8 Diagrams. Especially Mef. Mef sounds better than he has since The Afterparty - another Ghost LP track.

Trife sounds great on here too. Trife is mad underrated.

OK. So, this Thieving record, right - I'm shooting the sleeve tonight. It dawned on me it would be dope to recreate an iconic album sleeve.

1st idea was the Nevermind one - but I ain't got a swimming pool I can use and I gotta do it tonight. Hit me with your brilliant ideas!