Get Wet E'r Day

So, I couldn't sleep again last night. I gave up trying at 6 or whatver, got up, read a comic book, answered some email, did a few push ups, got my hot ass out the house and walked the streets of my mannor. Shit is lully over here in Stokey. The sun is blazing, people are going to work, I'm bopping about in a vest saying good morning to my public. YES! Haha. The park was full of dogs and school kids, because it was morning, and I sat down on the only dry bench (they were all getting varnished by an enthusiastic ole lady/middle aged lady boy tag team) and read a rap magazine, watched the wildlife., and thought about Christmas. I got my own personal Christmas coming next week. I am a lucky boy. All praises to the sun. I got a camera too. Look at the dope stuff I found in my fuckin' pond!

1: These lil buggers were out with their mama, chasing stardust. I relate to that, I am a go getter.

2: I am told that rotten old slave-runner Her Maj owns these fuckers. They are all surface, no feeling, these swine. I relate, cos I heard that Manics song too.

3: Terrapins 2007! Same log, different year. Some shit never changes. They stare at the sun. I relate, I look right into the sun's eyes, and I'm right back like Cap'n AmeriKKKa's sheild every year too.

4: Yeah, Her Maj's birds sure are pretty vicious. I relate, cos I have been nasty too you know. When I'm drunk I'm mean, swear down and say sorry.

5: All perspective mayne innit. Bars are all around us, if we care to look. These ducks and terrapins don't. I can relate, I don't pay attention most the time. Who wants to worry about that shit all day long? Anyway, aint noboody built a cage yet that can hold an idea, and I am just one fucking brillaint idea.


OK, I'm a do some work now. Sort you out a preview of Stunners 2, redo the vocals for the demo for this song that's gonna blow up your summer like water bombs. I love you, baby.