George Jones, BNP: The New Face Of Rugby!

. As Londoners debate the results of their recent mayoral election, spare a thought for the inhabitants of Rugby: 14.6% of the local vote at their recent election went to this guy!

Yeah, that guy!

Guess who he was standing for?


It wasn't the Green party!

It was the BNP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not only does dude look like he dines on newborns and wears too-tight frilly knickers, he supports a white on white breeding policy that ensures a bright-white future of freaks just like him! An island full of them! Forever!

Not only that, but, as mentioned, 14.6% of Rugby's voting electorate want that too! More Rugbiers than want a Green future. Or a Liberal future. Fuck that shit! A massive 313 people in Rugby say this freak of nature represents them!

Wanna see the brilliant literature that tempted them away from the already far-right mainstream?

Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!

I know this cos my ole man sent me the Octopus album, and included this with it. He also included an explanitory note, after worrying that snooping postmen might take me, or him, for a Nazi. Sad times indeed!