Game Over.

This is the sort of brain we are dealing with. Check it: "More evidence that John Kerry's wife is a political disaster. Here are several quotes from her yesterday about the war on terror. My favorites: "The Taliban is back running Afghanistan." Huh? And then her argument against the war to depose Saddam: "No American boy or girl should lose their lives for oil." Is this her husband's position? Shouldn't he be asked? Shouldn't more people be aware of how far left the potential president's wife is? Well, now they are."

Incredible insight from the blog of one Andrew Sullivan. This is the dude that says Edwards whupped Cheney the other night.

Anyway, last night was wicked, although for 74% of the show the sound sucked ass. I was rather in my element though, and we played 'Love' for the first time, which I enjoyed terribly. Birddogg was on excellent form, managing to be on time for soundcheck and everything!

Oh, and Sleeping States were amazing.