Poor Wade! I was mean to scorn and make him get up and clean his sick. He was so ill! I was a little worried by the middle of yesterday, he looked like he might die. His eyes were sunken in black pits, he was cold and clammy, and he wouldn't stop with the vomiting, bottom and top. Poor Wade! He seems a little better now. And so am I. We shared distress, for as he suffered with horrors, so too did I. Foster's been round helping me finalise my studio, and there was much worry about a non working sound card. It is a long story, but we couldn;t get ti to work, and ended up having to wipe my new harddrive, losing all the noises I have made over the past week or so forever. That was last night. I got over that pretty quick, I can make new noises. But today... it still didn't work! Oh lord, I was upset. I shouted at my brother Marek who built it and everything. And then, as despair nearly drove me to whisky and cigarettes, we tried swapping the firewire cable for another.

And it worked.


Knowing not whether to laugh, or cry, I opted to smash my head a bit with my wardrobe doors, then get on with business. So now we are ready for a blistering week of recording, before I go to New York next weekend. For a blistering week of recording. ZOO-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Zef is still here, sleeping at the foot of my bed, and making an excellent job of this new video. I'll post some stills tomorrow to get you excited. I am excited, as Bashy is coming round to do raps. Bashy is amazing. Go get his Wiley diss off of Limewire. That shit is cold. Probably the best British diss record of all time. Mind, Face's So Solid one came close, and speaking of whom, dude's gearing up to finish off the aforementioned Eski-"boy", after rubbishly dissed him on wax and said he kicked him off his bike in Nappa. Nobody kicked Face off any bikes in Nappa. Dude was too busy chopping up an old mate of mister Kit's.

Dark out.

Yo, what the fuck are Sony doing with JTWR? Someone get dude to holla at your man, I'll sort him out some shine. Him and Sov. Fuck Def Jam baby, shit's gonna be fucking safe.

And yo, where's Stoosh?