Gade is back! We know Gade is back as he woke me up at seven this morning arriving home ina state of sicky revelrey, and when I got up the milk was all gone. I found the milk in the bathroom - it had turned into lots of sick. It is odd bit, no matter how long one showers for in a room that smells of milky sick, one will never feel clean.

Zef helped me fold all my washing this morning, and we listened to Tom Petty. Matt is coming over in a sec to help me with my albuming. Huw Stevens played one of my new songs on his Radio 1 show last night. I know because I have all these emails from people saying they like it. Safe you Huw!

Yesterday, by the way, Holly Rose Wood took photos of me. She is awesome, but you know that from the last lot. She brings out my inner Christ. So, we went to Stoke NEwington cemmetry to do some, and it really Is full of furtive homos! Some of them licked their lips at me! It was NUTS! We saw roughly fourty men and two women. And four coppers. It was a lovely day.

Exuse my spilling, I gad to rattle this out very quick, la.