Stupid Gade running up a huge phone bill then not paying it and leaving it for me to not notice until they cut us off then spend 4 and a bit hours on the phone trying to pay it then the internet not working even though I managed GADE. He's back from Yankland tommorrow. I shall batter him. I have not slept so I feel a bit funny and agro. I have been storming about braying at people. Zef has come to stay! Another brother on the sofa. It has become a tradition.

Ugh, have you seent hose Potential Popes? They're all fucking nuts, spa! One of them says when he sees menfolk with pony tails and earings he wants to douse them in holy water. MENTALIST! Why are these superstitious freaks allowed power? It is fucking NUTS! NUTS IN MAY I TELL YOU! THERE WILL BE FUCKING CARNAGE! ARGH!