Fuck Yeah The Fountain

So, totally finally got round to watching The Fountain last night. A deeply beautiful and righteous artwork. So awesome. So epic. That dude knows his shit.

Saying that, I do sometimes wonder if I'm being tricked into thinking Darren Aronofsky movies are awesome and epic by Clint Mansell's awesome and epic music.



Not that Bueller isn't totally awesome and epic ANYWAY, but you get the point. Mansell Muzik is some powerful shit.

Speaking of Bueller, did you ever see that lugubrious Bueller trailer someone cut to look like a coming of age indie flick?


One of the many wonderful things about living in the future is the ubiquity of the re-edit. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can share their re-imagining with the world. Used to be that only deeply unamusing chat sow insert editors got to do that sort of thing. Now it's the 13 year old in Alberkirke or the 60 year old in Prestatyn getting to share their reimaginings with the universe. It is so choice! That Bueller one is definitely one of my favourites. How about you?

Oh, I saw the new Zowie Bowie flick on Sunday. Source Code. Oh my sweet lord. I was lonely and hungover so I dragged my stinking carcass down to the Stratford Picture House for celluloid cleansing, and it totally worked. Fucking wonderful film, it adressed a whole load of stuff that's been playing on my mind recently, and caused me to drop approximately one and a half tears. I don't wanna say anything else about it though, as I went in there knowing nothing abut what I was about to witness, other than it was by the dude that made Moon, and I think that added to the experience, and I'd hate to take that away from you. So just go watch it, is all, it's Great.

Oh, 13 Days Till The Future!