greatcrossing(2) HAPPY 50th Birthday Asterix!

I used to love me some Asterix when I was lil'. Never got with that Tintin thing. I felt no empathy towards the Belgian amateur detective, but for some weird reason I totally related to the story about a lil' blonde Frenchman resisting Roman occupation mainly by dranking a magic potion that gave him superhuman strength with which he and his pals rampaged around the world merrily beating the crap out of said Roman scum. And I meant to say dranking. That ish Getafix cooked up was drank. It was purple! Yeah!

In mine it was, anyway.

ANYWAY! I shall make that announcement a lil' later. Right now I am working on a part of it round Joey2tits Lab with him and Jim. Gimme some words that rhyme with decapitation.