From The Stone Axe...

2001 BIG DAY!

So, as mentioned in the comments last week, the bank holiday weekend has chopped four days off of The Omega Sanction CD's manufacture time (mainly something to do with the French refusing lorries through their country during Zombie Jesus period, how weird is that?). This has been causing me all manner of moral dillemas. I was thinking, well, I will just send everyone who's pre-ordered a CD a digital copy the day it was MEANT to be out.

Then I thought, rah though, I bet a whole gang of those folk were looking forward to, like, getting the CD, and tearing off the plastic, and popping it in the player, that sort of shit. And I KNOW CD preorderers get a digital copy on the eve of release, but those people can choose whether or not to listen to the digital copy, an if they DO, it's a few days 'till they get the sexy hard copy with the amazing artwork Zef and I slaved over, subliminal messages and all. And for people who have invested in the production of this project by ordering in advance, I don't want to spoil any of those increasingly antiquated, but nevertheless special sensations. Get it while you can. Life's as kind as you let it be.

Damn, these things keep me up at night, I swear.

Then it dawned on me that 50 Cent's new album has had five different release dates, and people have been preordering THAT since last Summer, and I bet he's not losing sleep. But he's a Big Mean Gitbag.

I still feel like an asshole though.

ANYWAY. I've sent you preordering geniuses a very special song. Login to the page I sent you to download the CDQ version... It's called STEAM. I hope you like it, it's one of my favourites.

Later today there'll be a new video on the site.

Tomorrow I'll be revealing the tracklisting.

Later this week I'll be in Hastings, doing some final tweaks on The Life Equation, and if all goes technologically to plan, I'll be sharing some in-studio time with the legend Dr Stephen Hague.

Speaking of which, the album is getting mastered at the end of April.

So that bit of singing I wanted you all to do on one of the songs?

It's nearly time.

I hope you're ready! I am very excited about getting your lovely pipes on this thing. It's gonna be special.