Fractals Pt 711

You know what that is?

That, my friends, is a snowflake. At the bottom of this post, you'll see another snowflake, under increasing magnification.

In the middle, is a photo of a hurricane, over the South Pole of Saturn.

As my friend Mika Jeremy would say, "so beautiful!"

When, on 'We Are Not Alone', I say, "Every little girl has got the galaxy inside her," I mean it literally, as well as figuratively.

Oh, and this email just came in:

Season's greetings Mr the Don,

Just a short note to let you know Oh What a Glorious Thing finished 7th on the Pure Song of the Year poll, thanks largely to the milions and millions of Akira the Don fans who voted on the web site. The Fratellis, Muse and Arctic Monekys were all left in your illustrious shadow.

You can listen to the programme [and see the full list] here. There is a little LISTEN AGAIN box in the top left corner, click on that, click on Pure and you're away.

I gave All I Want for Christmas a spin last week, then heard it on Huw Stevens show on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Sounded excellent alongisde Tall Pony and the Bobby McGees.

Merry Christmas and as us Scots say "Lang may yer lums reek" in the New Year.


Cheers to you all! Let us hope there is not a number two next!