Four More Sleeps

That's me on my Wedding Chair that is. We went to look at it on Friday. It looked coool.

Rah though.

Holy crap!

Four more sleeps till I GET MARRIED!

Wooooooooooooooooah that is not many sleeps at all is it?

There is a lot I wanna achieve before I get married. In relation to You, and the stuff I do for You, I definitely wanna get your Donnish Inquisition done, your Manga Mixtape done, and your Living In The Future 2.5 video done. So please all join hands and focus your creative support energies in my general direction, and repeat after me:




Maybe repeat that throughout the day or something. I am sure it will help. Thank you in advance.

So, it was my girl's Hen Night this weekend. She had a lovely, civilised time (with a few chocolate willies thrown in for good measure and the sake of tradition). Yet, somehow, it was ME that ended up on an accidental complimentary booze bender during which I got STABBED IN THE LEG with a SYRINGE FULL OF ADRENALINE and repayed my generous befenefactor with MULTIPLE HEADBUTTS.

My back still hurts too, but it is much better than it was, thanks for asking.

OK, I am gonna get on with these mighty tasks. I got cutlery to order and all sorts of shit. To the Batmobile!