Gay me! So I juts wrote a huge thing about my vontinuing adventures and crazy fortune, then the silly windows gayness decided it wanted to update it weirdo ass, and restart, and I LOST IT! Oh, I do lose things. And I find them. Marek does too. I went to bed at 6 after all that crap, and got up less than three hours later, but Marek stayed up, and wizarded my stuff back from the dead. Four times he wiped that harddrive, and yet still he saved it! What an incredible br'er.

And I made my flight with time to sapre, enjoyed the company of Donna and Jane and their hubbies on the plane, read National Geographic, drew cartoons into my laptop. I was met at the airport by a man with a pice of card bearing my name, and now I am sat on Spiky and Amy's balcony in Brooklyn in the glorious sunshine writing you this letter. Tommorrow I am recording songs, zooooooooooo-laaaaaaaaaaaah!

Oh, we're having a party a Tribeca Grand oin Saturday, yo. Come! It will be fun!