Forgive Me God, we hang him in thy name

"If the eight went out naked, the cops couldn't claim that they thought the Panthers had guns or that they shot in self-defense. The other Panthers agreed that nakedness might be their only chance, and in the besieged basement, their eyes streaming from the tear gas, seven of them took off their clothes." But one member, 17 year old Bobby Hutton, was too shy to go through with it.. according to Ramparts: "He was too embarrassed. And as it happened he emerged first, into the floodlights, his hands high over his head, and walked toward the waiting policemen. When he was well out in the open, one of them yelled, 'Run, Boy!' Hutton froze, terrified, obviously knowing what the call meant, then took a few frightened, hesitant steps. They shot him dead. 'We thought he was trying to run,' they said later. And sure enough, the first statement said, "We thought he had a gun." Ramparts

I have spent most of the past 24 hours replying to email, as I have a grotesque backlog of the stuff, but it is teaching me much, in part abusive, amusing, and inspiring.

"I did not expect to come away from reading your site wanting to start a revolution"

Says a man from Glasgow, via email.

"PLese keep your infantile political musings to yourself and talk about your fucking Interscope deal, or Carter USM, you prick," says another from, I imagine, somewhere in England.

"Was readin' through your text, and hit that part about the World Tribunal on Iraq and Dahr Jamail," writes a man in Wisconsin. "I was floored. Not by the text (hell I'd figured shit like that was going on already) but by the fact I hadn't heard SHIT about it from ANYONE. I'd always though I was reasonably well informed. And here I am getting relevant and important information on my country's own war from a British rapper.

This does not bode well."

Indeed it does not. As we all know, I am as thick and as ignorant as pig and its shit, but I am at least inquisitive, and have no respect whatsoever for authority, due to my treatment by such as a child.

So Simon, my statuesque wild eyed housemate tells me he caught a bus yesterday, for the first time since the booming. He boarded to find downstairs packed, so made his way top deck, to find the front rammed, yet the back half deserted but for a single man. So, to the back he ambled, and did sit. And then he noticed that the lone gentleman was brown of skin, and in possession of a rucksack.

Jay Smooth reports "In NYC a sightseeing tour bus got bumrushed by a SWAT team 100 strong, because a bus dispatcher reported that "five male passengers of Middle Eastern descent were wearing 'backpacks and their pockets [were] stuffed.'"

Mary, on her way to a gig of ours last week, noticed police searching peoples' bags, but only brown skinned peoples. Old ladies and young mums out doing their shopping, that sort of thing.

My friend, a primary school teacher, found her class besieged by swarms of pigs last week, and one of her eight year old students, a small brown girl, taken away, apparently never to return.

Luke emailed me last week, but I forgot to mention at the time, "this might amuse you. the telegraph's music bloke has written a song for the bombings called 'People I Don't Know Are Trying To Kill Me', under the name The Ghost Who Walks. It isn't made up by Chris Morris or anything.

Here it is.

If that doesn't make you piss yourself with horror, you are some kind of weird robot thing that runs on Pepsi.

Keith noted that while the shit was going down in Birmingham a few weeks ago, and in London last week, the street web cameras were all down.

"Did you know that there are McDonalds inside some Wal-Marts now?" asks Melissa. "The mind BOGGLES."

Indeed. But at least Sony finally got done for paying deejays to play Franz Ferdinand records. Not that they'll stop now. Not that any of those freak swine ever will. Still, the full report makes hilarious reading. Offered a PlayStation or somesuch in return for some spins, one grotesque jock replies, "Go on, I'm a whore this week."

THIS WEEK?! Most of us, we are whores all day, every day, all our lives, ad infinitum. And one day they will drag us outside like dogs and put us out of our collective misery.

Ho ho, eh? At least they're executing gays in Iran. An excellent reason, Project Bush surely says, to nuke them.

HO HO HO, peoples! Still, it is not all bad. an alabamaworley@***.com just joined my mailing list. I think I am in love. Sleep tight! I shall leave you with this, from my little brother Alex:

"Robert Louis Stevenson did visit the coastal village of Ballantrae in 1876 — and claimed that the populace stoned him out of the place for the eccentricity of his dress."


"according to the BBC news , the police officer who offloaded 8 bullets into an innocent man has been given a free holiday for him and his family PAID FOR BY THE STATE!!!!!"!

Ho ho ho, peoples! Ho, ho, ho!