zombies-green Best gig ever.

Best gig I ever did anyway.

Thank you to EVERYBODY.

My amazing band, Joey, James, Morty, musical director BJ, brass section Ginge & John.  Special guest superstar Envy. Organising party geniuses Charlotte and Colin (and Paula who was there in spirit form like a SPOOKY GHOST). Film and make up gurus Michael, Sam, Tim. Nonathon and Rachel who sold people things and looked lovely on the door. The gracious and accommodating staff at The Gaff. Stephen Hague, Marvin, Pixel, Jack, Tego, Ben OFISHAL, true hardcore party people one and all.  My little brother Ali. My Dad. SOUP! All you awesome people that came from all over the land to party with us. I feel very lucky.

If you were there, and you took photos - of you and your zombie friends, of the show, of the deejays, of the barstaff, whatever, please send them in (atd at akirathedon dot com), so I can make a nice photo gallery and the world can get a vague idea of just how awesome a party we had.

I will expand on all of this when I have some time.

But for now - and I REALLY mean it - thank you.