June 21st 2009: The Natural History Museum.


So, as we know, Dawn Of The Don was awesome. Michael and I were going through the footage last night. It is ACE ON GIANT PROSTHETIC DINOSAUR LEGS.

Speaking of which, I can now announce where next we shall be having one of our patented AWESOME PARTIES.

Next, we shall having one of our patented AWESOME PARTIES IN...

The Natural History Museum.

On the longest day of the year.

Summer Solstice.


Beneath a giant planet, in a room full of stars.

Two very excellent points about this gig:

It is FREE to get into (with limited ticket supplies, natch).

It's an all ages show.

It's happening on Sunday 21st June, as part of Music Day. We shall be playing at 8pm.

Cool huh? We shall be, I think, the third band ever to do this particular thing, the others being The Strokes and British Sea Power.

It's gonna be SUPER SPECIAL, and the details of that special nature shall emerge over the coming weeks.


If you wanna come, what you need to do is send an email to donsolstice@googlemail.com, sharpish, saying how many tickets you need, and I shall reserve them for you.

Facebook page here.


OK, in the meanwhile, enjoy this bootleg of Streetfighter, from The Omega Sanction, and Rob Zombie's Demon Speeding, by talented Missouri resident Scott Stubblefield.