Wow, I have never eaten so much food. Yesterday we went to The Park to have chats, and I ate a fucking American hamburger, and it was RARE. Mmmm, Fries are superior in Americaland. Plus they just fill your table wit free food before you order, which is so dumb. You get loads of free weater and ice, and banana and walnut cake, which, to be honest, would have kept me happy for a week. After that we went round the corner to another place, and that was nice too, and full of bottles. I think it was called Shillers. Everybody in that place was safe as fuck. Then where did we go? Um. Oh yes, it was a crazy Vietnamese place, run by some hilariously pissed off people. There was so much. Food. I felt so evil and decadent, with it all piled up there, mostly untouched. I wanted to put it in a jiffy bag and send it to Ally McBeal, but not so much that I actually, like, DID. Then some of us went to the Tribecka Grand. Very big and airy and full of that house that is mildly funky. Excellent for emceeing over. Loose and fluid, elastic, bounce boing. I kept meeting people, and they’d be like, "Hi," then they’d run over 10 minutes later going, "Oh, it’s YOU, I didn’t realize it was YOU," and I’d be like, "yeah, it’s me." And a nice lady took a billion photos of my silly big face. The beard may not be long for this world. I wish to see the raw power of the lone moustache.

I keep meeting really safe people. Like, some of them are kind of dicks, and a little frightening in their strange eyeballing intensity, but some of them are so awesome. Like, Sue used to live in Stourbridge and understands music stuff and diversity and the drums and the bass and made me scrumptious spliffs. I saw another pure Texan stereotype guy, who’s appreciation of the tip a kind and sweet hearted all American princes gave him, expressed through a tightening of tattoo soaked arms, eyes so hard and serious, "thank you ma’am" choked with work and tears, truly I did want to take him in my arms and tell him it was all OK and they honestly DID invent hell just to scare him into being a drone.

Birddogg gets here today. We’re gonna go to a posh studio and make noises in a bit. Also I got into high heels again. Check it out!