Fleeting depression.

My old man, he say, "ignorance is bliss". Which is true.

But so is lying in the middle of the road in the pissing rain with a bag full of heroin racing through your bloodstream. And I wouldn't recommend it for all my brothers and sisters.

So, the happy fascist ID Card system continues. Cleverly they held the vote while half the empees were off looking at that Trafalgar reenactment with the Queen.

Encouragingly, the swine's majority was cut from 67 to 31. Boris Jonson voted against, along with the rest of the Tories, the Lib Dems, and some rebellious New Labour heads who don't mind losing their trips abroad.

So, there is, as, ever, hope. I mean, Bony Tlair does tend to get his way, but serious, you won't catch me with no Goddamn ID card. They don't own me, Bub. Nor you. And if you happen to carry one of those cancerous "loyalty cards", it is not the same - it is similar, but if, for example, you are a Tesco person, you can quite happily go to Safeway and those Tesco people won't know.

Have I mentioned, it's the same people running the ID Card technology that were working out how hard to work those captive Jews back in the thirties? They kind of saw it coming, but they never thought it would happen to them - not there.

A wise man learns from history. Doobie doobie.

The aforementioned Boris has written an excellent piece about smoking on his website, by the way, a subject dear to my heart. I am struggling with it at the moment, but can feel the day of reckoning is close. I was a bit sad earlier, because some of my people have no sense of history and believe whatever they're told by the telly or the news or politicians.

Many, many years ago, as is well known, the everlasting lightbulb was invented. Yet still, we all go out every couple of weeks, and spend a quid or whatever on these weird ancient lightbulbs that pop weeks later. And we don't think about it.

I wonder - do you think there is really no cure for the common cold? Or do you think that perhaps, there is - but the drugs indutry makes a huge, grotesque, obscene ammount of wong out of so-called medicine and would much rather we all keep buying their crap than, like, never catch a cold again?

Do you think if there were a cure for cancer, it would be made aviliable? Or do you think they'd keep it their little secret, bump off the doctors involved, and keep making millions out of their drugs? Given that patents run out asfter seven years and all.

Do you think it's weird that, two months after the British and the Americans went all over Africa vaccinating people against, - what was it, smallpox? - two months after, AIDS is all over that bitch like golddiggers at an Usher afterparty?

Do you think, my peoples, that I am too, too, too cynical? You think I can sleep at night?

Because I can. I seep like a baby. And that is because I have a vast, somesay blind, somesay naive belief in my fellow man. I think we are amazing, because they have pulled this shit on us for time eternal, yet here we are, making terrible pop music and telling bad jokes (although we don't tell as many jokes as we used to... but that is another story) and arguing with each other about stupid things like TV shows. We are beautiful! WE RULE! So I believe we can prevail, that there is a future for us that does not involve gas chambers. I do!

What's going down right now is exactly the same as what went down when Hitler first got in. If you have even the most vague notion of modern history (and I have less), it is as evident as those whopping great elephantine earjugs that sprout rudely from the side of Charles Clarke's sweaty pink head. Shit is hardcore serious right now. Ignorance might be bliss, but it will soon turn to horror. Ask any junkie what happens when the smack runs out.