Flash Sale! Video Highway Trailer! New Comic! POW!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0u01yzL5g4 FIRST! I am doing my first major post run of 2012 tomorrow, For the next 20 hours you can get 20% off everything in my shop by using the following discount code: FFFAH11I222M


Incidentally, The Little Shop of Awesome just had it's 1000th sale. Round up the floors! I would like to thank all my customers for making it necessary for me to finally hire an accountant this year. Raise a glass to going straight!

Now, up there at the top of the page, is the second (and final, as it's DONE) Video Highway trailer. Starring Acid Cad Tom, littles, Mr Lacey, and Eddie Argos. POW! POW!

Oh, and tune into Amazing Radio if you're reading this now (ha!) - Gill Mills' record of the week is by ME! Thank you Gill Mills you are wise and clever!

Finally, in what has been a busy ole day, my new comic strip has just gone live on the Top Man website. I'm gonna post it here later, but for now, go here and have ye a read, it is beautiful and a bit sad.