Flash. Ooh ah ah.

It is not often you find me extolling the virtues of software, unless it is Fruity or Acid or Soundforge, but man, Flash is a wonderful tool. It makes all my drawings look slick, and you can do some pretty damn neat colouring in on the thing. I am learning it, innit. Zef is teaching me. He is a good lad. I have been flung into a rage, however, as that spastic Penfold lookalike Colon Powel has just decided that, perhaps, there may be a wee bit of genocide going on in Sudan. Well fucking done asshole. Were these people any more transparent, we'd be mistaking them for slightly rancid jellies. What does it take to get people to pay attention these days? Killing 50,000 plus black folks evidently does not. You have to go kill a whole load of European kiddies, I guess.

On the brighter side of things, I have discovered a new musical joy, or rather my brother Alex has, or rather his friend John has… anyway, they are a European metal band in the vein of early Maiden, only their singer could have stepped straight out of an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical. They are called Falconer, and they are rather astounding. Also, in the tradition of all the great metal bands, they seem unable to keep a line-up together for more than a week at a time. Their news section refers to some recent "internal hostility" that led to the departure of two of their five members, after "Peder started to let his hands do the talking", making "the contacts… very chilly."

On the plus side, "the music institute in Switzerland has actually just got the test results back and they say: "If you are a Falconer fan and don't like the new songs, you suffer from a bad form of stupidity."