Fishsticks On A Plate

Summer is finally with us in the UK. My band and I played the Middlesbrough Festival yesterday, which was brilliant. IT was boiling hot sunny, then it turned into a big ass storm, of some Goliath magnificence. It stopped raining when we played, but there was lightning. And moshing townies. And kids at the front who knew the words to One Bullet and Oh! and shit. And people snogging when we did Love. BIG UP YOUR BAD SELVES! We did a brand new song, and that went down best of all (apart from Clones), weirdly, 'specially with the scallies. So that one's next on my Record Proper list.

Hey! Those crazy nu-imperialists are trying to BAKE US ALIVE! Weirdos. And along with that, they're insistent on throwing trillions of dollars into outer space. These people are fucking NUTS, spa. Serious. I am just glad it is a pretty day here, is all.