When I say "Stop playing"

You say




Ho ho ho, peoples, tonight - were there a hook - was off of it. If that shit was a fish, it was right at the bottom of the ocean, where there is no sunlight (and no hooks in sight), but shit glows like eyeballs anyway. BOOYA! Big up John Kennedy, The Women, Pix and Dego Brizzow, the ace soundlady, and YOU NOISY BASTARDS, specially the kids at the front waiting for The Holloways. If all London venues were full of the likes of you, London would be the best place to play in the world.

I need to start taking photos really. There is nothing suitable to illustrate this post. SILLY!

Yes yes yes. I shall write something sensible tomorrow. I eat toast now.

Rah thought! I KNOW you wanna watch RZA and some white dude singing Deck The Halls. You do right? YUUUH!