Fina(ncia)l Crisis

420135-finalcrisis4_super Boy, that Final Crisis 4 was some scary stuff, eh? Colin sent me Submit, but you were meant to read that first I just found out. Never mind.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates/doncast - I have suffered a death in the family. My motherboard has fried, so my music making machine is dead on he ground, its guts out in the air waiting for the maggots.

I am lost and crippled without this thing, how sad is that? I was on the verge of tears earlier, but I fought it. Wade came round with some fish and chips. He is a lovely man.


I need to find some way of getting the cash to pay a new one that doesn't involve my usual methods, reliant as they are on he dead beast. If anyone has any ideas, do get in touch. And if you're feeling philanthropic, feel free (but not obliged) to click this clever "donate" button. I'll send you some MP3s or ring your Mum or something for you. Or you could buy something. Christmas is coming. WAH!

Over and out.