Anyone who thinks that Tony Blair is not a power mad freak entirely in cahoots with the power mad freaks running things across the pond, check it out - months after the terrifying horror of touch screen voting made its way over here, less than a month after I stumbled across the existence of FEMA, my brother informs me we are getting our own. Basically, FEMA's whole thing rests on Vicious Dodgers being able to suspend the constitution at the drop of a hat, or a bottle, or a bomb, thus turning the US into an actual Police State, declaring Marshall Law, rounding up all the povs, etc. And Blair wants to do the same here, with The Civil Contingencies Bill, which looks likely to get passed in a fortnight unless we all make a huge noise. It basically enables New Labour to declare a State Of Emergency and suspend Parliament with even less reason than those FEMA freaks. Their definition of "emergency", which is the trigger for these terrifying actions, "means an event or situation which threatens serious damage to property… disruption of a supply of money, food, water, energy or fuel… disruption of an electronic or other system of communication…"

Basically a fucking virus is good enough reason to put the country on lockdown. And, basically, turn an apathetic democracy into a dumb dictatorship. Whoopee!

Go read the thing, seriously, it is weird. Then email newspapers and tell your mates and ring your MP. I have started on the first two, but have no credit at the moment and my Mam's not got outgoing calls on the landline.

In other news - Cheney has been telling poor terrified Americans that if they vote for John Kerry they will die.

Was the world always this dark? Did I only just start noticing?

I guess so.