Farting With A Walkman On

I forgot to mention, did I not, that as I'm playing Fabric this Friday, they've asked me to take over their blog for the week. So I have. Given their reader's don't necessarily know me, I've adopted a slightly less random tone than that which I adopt here, and have so far covered subjects ranging between intelligent mice, the Iraq war, Mormonism, Gonzales, Feist, Brave New World, and love. You can read it here, but you have to join their club. It is worth it though, as they have tons of audio and things. Currently I am grooving to a set Alkan did late last year. It is fucking smart.

Regarding Brave New World, all I can say is that it was thoroughly brilliant, and thoroughly depressing. I ended up relating most to The Savage, tragically. He meets a sad end. Dearie dearie me. I do wish he'd boffed Lenina though. Just once.

In other news, this afternoon I made the illest bit of electronic music I ever have.