Fanks FAC!

batman Stupid FAC and their foolish fuckery went and got me all popular on the internets today, leading, as popularity on the internets does, to my site going down. I was busy editing the Andrew W.K. VS Chilly Gonzales footage, and Tila Tequila wasn't killing herself, but everybody else on the internets was trying to read about The FAC being idiots, because Neil Gaiman and some people on the Radiohead message board told them to.

Actually, they still are. The only way this site is still here is via some clever re-routing of the offending post to a Google cache. Damn! (It'll be back tomorrow, BTW, so save your thoughts 'till then) EDIT: It's back!

Anyway, poor Charlie who's been hosting this site for the past few years got his little mac server mashed up by this - he recorded 136469 hits before his server got merked - so I'm moving the site to it's new house. So It might be a bit glitchy round here for the next 24 hours hours. Thou hast been warned.