I had totally forgotten about American TV. I mean, I don't have a TV back in London. I see it, sometimes, in other places. And it shocks, and appals, and upsets me. But the stuff over here is just nuts. I mean, you know that. They know that. Adverts every seven minutes. The most bizzare, collagen-spoiled men and ladies in the world, telling, not lies, because they're not even paying attention... just... telling. What they're told to tell. Through plastic mouths. It is beautiful, in a weird way.

LA is lush today. Probably it is lush most days. You can never see much further than your immediate periphery, due to the car pollution, but what you can see - mainly movie-set houses and the craziest trees in the world - is Tim Burton-beautiful.

Anyway, given that I am where I am, I felt it fitting to take up Jeff's lady Lorrie's offer of a free sunbed, at her place of work. I have never had one before. It was very enjoyable, all windy and hot and flourecent. Oh, the horrorful decadence.

Anyhow. I am off to make music. Which is what I am here for, after all.