Fake Beef 2006

So, last night was ACE! Big up Miss OddKidd who was hardcore awesome, the splendiferous Dego Morty Sladey Machine, John on visuals, The Women, and the mighty Why Lout? representing in FULL. We saw jolly good times, AND THE RETURN OF PIXEL!

So, yeah, dope.

Friday in Chester, by the way, was uber-dope also. Adam Walton wrote about it pretty vividly here. Nice one Zef and Co for putting up with Jeres.

In other news, I am in Hip-Hop Connection a lot this month, which readers tell me has caused some debate in the uk hip-hop community. It should be noted, that the "fuck Rodney P" was out of context - I like dude's records, and respect his achievements. The statement had been preceded by a lenghthy discussion regarding Dr P, Braintax, and other UK Hip-Hop traditionalists' meanspirited and savage attacks on the 19 year old JTWR when he got signed, and their continued, greeneyeballed slating of Lady Sovereign, a woman who has single handedly dragged the Actual Woman In Rap movement into the now, and opened up huge gaping doors for the UK rap movement. The point being, whether you like the music kids are making now or not, to stand in its way and gripe is despicable. You had your chance to shine, now it is theirs. Their success can only bring further success to the whole scene.