Factory Part 375

Photos by Charlotte Whewell

It's nice here in the factory, thanks for asking. I have a second desk now, for drawing and sellotaping jiffy bags on, and I am listening to old Morrissey B Sides in my pink toweling dressing gown that has Akira The Don embroidered on the back of it - a gift from my fine woman, and an upgrade from the old pink toweling dressing gown I was wearing for four years far too much, that I inherited from BJ's mother, strangely enough. Today I am PACKAGING AND POSTING BUTTLOADS OF CDS AND T SHIRTS! Apparently the Friday post worked, as a number of you were spotted wearing Omega Sanction Ts at Scroobius Pip's show. I HAVE SPIES! And you looked great, apparently. Well done.

Last night we had the second meeting of The New Band, (who need a new name... The Women, for now, have been laid to rest) along with our aforementioned musical director, and that was all very good, and tremendously exciting. Those of you that have seen me before are going to be surprised by the Goliath awesomeness and professionalism we're bringing to this Dawn of The Don show. That and the new songs, which are stupidly pop. Our old friend Morty (one of two new Donettes) was shocked by my new sound. Almost as shocked as she was by my haircut. So there you go.

By the way, I meant to mention on Sunday when it happened, but I didn't for some reason... anyway, world famous super G Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales show was something of an Omega Sanction special - he played a load of songs from the new mixtape, and my latest audio blog, in which I related a story told to me by Dr Stephen Hague, about the time David Bowie and Brian Eno nearly got killed over some giant condoms. Or something. You can listen back here.