Extreme III Was Grayte!

extreme-iii-sides-to-every-story NEW WEEK!


Sun is shining, weather is sweeter. The Omega Sanction is dropping on doorsteps from Anglesey to Alabma. Speaking of which, I did an interview with the venerable Dr Ash Akhtar about that, the wackness of the third Extreme album, and the just completed second ATD album, The Life Equation, and the forthcoming Dawn Of The Don party, amongst other things, which you can read here. I'll be posting it in the Blobblog later for posterity, but go read it here now, it's enlightening.

Got another date for your diary - this coming Saturday I will be celebrating my birthday by DJing with my little brother The Svenhunter at The Quietus' night at The Mucky Pup in Islington. So come down and buy me a pint, and I might play something off my new album. Or Alphaville. Or both.

EDIT - I dug out Extreme III, and it is actually kind of GRAYTE! Who'd a thunk it? Lads, if you were on here earlier and were offended, I'm Sorry!