Extreme III > Blueprint III. Cuban Linx II FTW.

extremeIIIownsblueprintIII Yeah, I said it.

Sorry. BP3 is not timeless material. It will date real quick.

But never mind that.

Goddamn, this Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II is the shit son!

Like, WOAH! I think Tahiry must have heard it, and that's why she bounced on ole Joe. DAMN, everybody else lost. Second time around for me, this album is incredible. Perfect execution. Beats, rhymes, hooks, samples, interludes, atmosphere... this is that real hip-hop, and you know I don't even get aggy on the culture like that. I like dirty south and synth beats. But whatever. You can keep your biting-ass Blueprint 3. Top to bottom, Rae did exactly what he said he was gonna. Don't believe the hyperbole, believe me. I am right. Cuban Linx II is fucking awesome.


I'm gonna drop something off of it later for you to cry over. Yeah, it gets that deep. Go here to listen to Ason Jones, Raekwon's amazing tribute to Ol' Dirty. Thanks Simon for the hook up.

So. Welcome to extortionate gas bills! Today was officially The First Day Of Autumn round my way. Cold, wet, grey. I was out on my bike at 9am get splashed by buses, and I grinned all the way home. Know why? Cos the awesomeness of humanity WON again - this guy found my phone in the back of a cab on Saturday night, while I was drunk out of my mind and getting chased by swine, and had the good sense not to give it to the thieving cabbie, but to take it home, switch it on, and feel love in his heart when he saw the picture of me and my common law niece playing with The Big Ole Sea. Dude's gonna be a father himself this November. What was he gonna do? So when he saw all the missed calls from my lady, he rang that number, and arranged to meet me with the thing in Shoreditch this morning. What a fucking awesome dude. I got my uninsured G Phone back! Everything's gonna be OK!

I switched my studio around last night. Sometimes a little change is all you need to feel as new as the season. Splashed kagool, and it's back to school. That pencil case aint gonna look fresh for long you know.