Existential Hitman From The Future

Man, that's been a long time coming.


IN YOUR FACE, cartoon Akira The Don!

Where we go from here is anyone's guess. Will there be revenge? Weapons? Wrasslin'?

I gotta say, having a schedule is a rewarding thing. Who'd a thunk I could get a comic strip out three days in a row and do a Doncast and do crazy awesome stuff for ATD20?

Speaking of which, those of you who tuned in earlier for the first live Doncast heard some of the stuff I've ben working on for next Friday's magnum opus. SHIT IS GONNA SLAY! I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday now too. Now I've got the mike level sorted. And SAM's been throwing up loads of awesome music I can't wait to play for you.

Rah though, I have been having the best time. I've been letting the aforementioned SAM Broadcaster play random songs off of my harddrive, something I haven't done for years. For the longest time, I've been on podcasts and albums. I forgot the joy of My Harddrive On Random. OH WHAT JOY! Sean Price! GLC! Neil Diamond! Howard Jones! Meatloaf! Living Colour! Babybird! Val Doonican! Roxy Music! MC5! Tori Amos! Etc! Etc! ETC!

Woah! That's Why I Go To Extremes just came on!

I love this song!

I am going to have to up it for you. It is so awesome.

*does the thing

Right, here you go!



OK, back to work. I got a website to fix.Hit me with any ideas you have for next week's Doncast in the comments.