EXCLUSIVE: New Pete Fowler Super Furry Animals Art!

Super Furry Animals Artrocker Cover By Pete Fowler B + W Happy day, fammo - Pete Fowler and The Super Furry Animals are Together Again, and Pete's done this awesome drawing for the new issue of Artrocker to celebrate. And AkiraTheDon.com gots the EXCLUSIVE! Siv. Siv. Siv...

Colour below. I like the pencil version best, how about you?

Readers are advised to pick that up at the newsagents, and to visit superfurry.com, which you can now read in Cymraeg if you wish, and has a ridonculously thorough four camera video-diary of the making of the new album. You can vidi them playing darts and everything.

Pete Fowler's website is always worth a look too - his Vice comics are on there, and they're dope. He used to have his studio under my old office you know. He has this kid who worked for him, who spent all day colouring in pictures of monsters and rolling huge spliffs. I was jealous of that kid, I can tell you.

Saying that, I spent all day writing vicious nonsense about musicians, and rolling big spliffs, so I dunno what I was thinking.

Super Furry Animals Artrocker Cover By Pete Fowler Colour