Example Is A Very Charming Young Man

crossed So, Chilly and I went to Yo Yo in West London last night, at the invitation of Mr Seb Chew, to plot next week's activities (and beyond), and catch Mr Theophilus London, whose performance was quite excellent, and a drastic improvement on when Hague took me to see him 6 months ago. And he was grayte then. Gonz and I were very impressed. Dude's voice cut clear and strong through the Goliath backing tracks, and even though he's still hiding his soul behind dark glasses, his personality was vibrant and fully engaging. Theophilus Win.

A puckish Example was in the building, to see his childhood favourites Heartless Crew, and he was good enough to join us at our table and insult us at length. A couple of classic Example gems: he said that Gonzales "looked much younger in the videos," and that he was very glad I'd cut my hair, as I now "look way younger," than the last time he saw me, when I "looked like a paedophile." Example is very concerned with appearances, obviously, but what a charmer! He proceeded to buy us both drinks, then promptly find someone more important to talk to. I have no idea why I like that boy, but I do.

So, Mister Zen Pyramid informs me there are in fact 5 tickets left for the Gonzales Piano Talk Show at The Pigalle next week, with special guest Akira The Don! They are to be found here. Act with haste. In other news, I shall be doing my most excellent impression of a Word Class DJ at Jamie Danananananaman's Whoreditch party in - yes! - Shoreditch next Friday. Also playing live will be The Good The Bad and Bears From Labrador, along with DJs from Clash Magazine and Princess Des Pommes. Everyone who comes gets a great big goodie bag too. Everyone loves a goodie bag. Details here!

OOOH, I nearly forgot - we went dow and checked out The Boat on which we are to have A Party. It's pretty awesome. It's like a Mad Max slave ship or something. Gully to the max. We're gonna sink that thing.