So not only does this new pope look JUST LIKE THAT FREAK OUT OF LOST HIGHWAY (above), he's a Nazi. An Actual, goddamned NAZI! He's all, oh, I was 14, it was a mistake. Whatever man. That's as may be, but where were you between '41 and '45, hmm? NOBODY KNOWS! What the fuck is with that?

Nuts, huh? So, anyway. My laptop is having trouble communicating with the world, although it did suddenly work this morning when I was lost on 3rd ave, having missplaced the studio in which we are being awesome. All of a sudden my boy Luke's all pinging messneger at me from London, and he knows where the fucking studio is! Sheeet!

So, we were shooting this Patrick video yesterday, that was pretty fresh. The dudes I'm doing it with are fucking safe, we went all over Brooklyn, by the water, hit the Z train, and we even got done by the pigs, who objected to my riding around Brooklyn on the bonnet of Carter's jeep with no ID. Sheeeeet.

I became very fucking tired last night, after we'd spent the rest of the afternoon flyering our party on Saturday round Manhattan and the lower east side. Flyering is totally fun, but we kind of only hit the hot girls, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Still, its not like there's a shortage of hot girls in this crazy city. I mean, there are enough of them where I'm staying, getting their hair cut by Amy. I could hang out in that place all day, but it's still SUMMER, so when I am not in the studio, I am keeping the fuck outside, bubba.

AND! Oh! Whoo! We got kids. Six kids! I've just been told. They are going to sing on that silly song of mine about it being a glorious thing, all that getting up in the am. WHICH IS TRUE! I get up at 9/10 every day therse, um , days. It's wicked.