Poor Old Man of mine is full of ill and can barely talk! So I shall go up to Rugby and see him tomorrow. Poor next brother down of mine Marek is full of work and is languishing in North Wales, away from his amazing family! How sad! I shall see him too, within an amount of days.

But for now, I shall be in my Mammy house in Winchester. It is now occupied by us three brothers above, and Michael, who is Mammy's Keef's son, and a red clad auntie Sheila and a gambling uncle Maurice and a large-gobbed cousin Gail (see below) and her finely bearded beau Jim and two of our old neighbours Dennis and June and a load of Zef's nasty little mates, running up and down the stairs in search of booze, or something. And a pair of drooling border collies, chasing each other about in ever decreasing circles, tripping over my laptop wire. I would place a pox on their heads, but they are dogs already. Ha!

I got two more presents. I got a bottle of Jack Daniels off of Michael (whoo!) and a radio controlled car off of Sheila and Maurice. How ace is that? I always wanted one. It doesn't even have wires! It is amazing! It zooms about remotely and harasses the dogs! Ah ha ha ha!

Maurice is tutoring Michael on the finer art of Craps. Soon we shall gamble, for pennies. I SHALL WIN ALL THE PENNIES! Else sulk. Yes yes yes.