Every Dogg Has His Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIRDDOGG! Say we all. Because that is what you do on someone's birthday. Especially when that someone is your dear DJ, collaborator, genius, and friend. Birddogg totally kicks ass. Look at his lovely head!

Meanwhile, me and Zef are making an animated video for my drinking Song, and YOU CAN BE IN IT! Go here for how.

Jeres and I went to see Mark Lannegan last night. He looked at the floor a lot. I upset a lady from Rough Trade enquiring about their selling heroin to children and stuff.

Anyway, Melissa, I think it was her anyway, put this really neat CD on, by some guy from Iceland called Gisli. He's wicked, a bit like Evan Dando doing old Adam Green songs, with shades of Queens Of The Stone Age and JTWR, weirdly.