I am going to Prague in the morning to see my little brother innit. So before that, I gotta get Keith Tenniswood's remix bits finished, ATD9 finished, the artwork finished, ETC!

No sun for me yet.

I used to be quite good at writing, I discovered this morning. I never read my old stuff, but one of my peoples sent me this demanding to know if it was me. Which it was.

I "missed" Flav on The Farm, cos I don't have a telly, and I was in America at the time anyway. I saw a tiny bit of that show he did for MTV. It was fucking shocking. Viacom continue to reinforce the same anti-black caricature they were pushing a hundred years ago (see pic). If it's not the potential-rapist "thug" face 50 shows, it's the subservient fool dribbling over a white woman. Cop Charlie Braxton's open heart. Then go here, if you never have, it is facinating.