Envy, Open Rights and Leaving The House!

So, my buddy Envy's single Nadine is out today. It's about Morty you know. Go get that thing! The video is here. I am in it. Rocking out. See that photo up there? That's the day we filmed it, during the strange, short period a few months back when I WASN'T BLONDE. Oh my days! That's Morty, AKA Nadine on my shoulders. Envy is to the right of my red elbow. You know this though, right? RIGHT! Happy times!

ANYWAY! Envy's debut LP, the awesome Set Yourself on Fire is out next week. Preorder that here. I produced a song on it (as noted in last week's Metro, where I was called "maverick" again). It's a great song. It's called Lullabye. Envy's having her LP launch do in London this Thursday at Cargo. I am hosting the event, which should be fun. I used to compere a lot of gigs back in the early 00s, mainly PlayLouder events. I'd get mad drunk and run onstage screaming. It did the trick, which was to get people hyped for the bands. Nothing gets people hyped for bands better than screaming at them, trust me.

So, you can read the details of the launch do here, but trust me, its gonna be ace. Me and Envy might perform Nothing Lasts Forever, our duet from my forthcoming second LP as well. That one makes people cry cos it's DEEP LIKE ABYSS.




Next Wednesday, March 24th (ARGH! TIME IS SLIPPING AWAY FROM ME! ARGH!) The Open Rights Group will be leading a demonstration against David Geffen and Peter Mandelson's Dastardly Digital Economy Bill at Old Palace Yard, London opposite Parliament, next to Westminster Abbey. Read more about it here. Afterwards there will be a GIG/PARTY at The Monarch in Camden, which I will be performing at, in some sort of DJ/Emcee capacity with Joey2tits. Playing live will be The Indelicates, Chris TT and Dan Bull. TICKETS ARE HERE!

So, I totally left the house on Saturday, which was hard to bring myself to do, as I was having a perfectly nice time colouring in my Corey Haim strip, and I have a lot of work to do for Superhero Music... but I am glad I  did. My buddy Matt Muir took me to see fellow Brummy wordsmith Polarbear, performing his new one man movie about The Old Country, The Return, at Battersea Arts Centre, and it was BRILLIANT and MOVING and HUGELY EVOCATIVE.

I mean, I could totally relate to the themes - leaving one's home to go and do something creative in the big city, coming home and seeing the girl you loved working in the supermarket, running into old aquantances who assume you're all rah rah posh, rich and up yourself now, and the bittersweet, all consuming blizzard of emotion that comes with it. Oh, that beautiful and terrible longing for a home you rejected that comes in later years! The Welsh have a word for that feeling. They call it hiraeth. Yeah, I could relate. That the thing was set in places I USED TO LIVE added a whole other dimension to the experience.

Indeed, I was so moved I preceded to get hammered on red wine, and woke up in desperate agony on Matt's sofa the next day, the colour of an old toilet bowl. I don't think my liver works very well these days. So I shall attempt to take it easy on Thursday.