Enter Mongface

I was wrenched with some great violence from a dark and horrorful fever this morning, convinced I'd been in a fight or something, as my face was a good inch thicker all round, and my upper lip puffed out as if I were in possesion of some oversized gum sheild. You that mong face you pull when you're seven? That was me. Still is.

YES, I am thalking like a thpathtic with a face full of fat and hurt. Who will love me now, with a mongface? A lonely life of misery and soup through straws awaits. I suppose Mef comes well with a lisp. Maybe it won't be so bad.

I don't actually have a TV, but I want this anyway, because it looks like plumbery.

Hey, check out my heroine Cynthia McKinney grilling Rumsfeld about those Dyncorp Sex Rings, the missing Pentagon Trillions and those dodgy 9/11 Wargames on C Span! Hot!