Eliana Sleyman

I read The Independent on the bus this afternoon and I cried. Three hundred odd dead in Lebanon. 100 a day in Iraq. Some fool of a columnist bragging about snorting "fat lines of coke" with Keith Allen. "Israel warned Lebanese civilians to leave the south of the country."

That's Eliana Sleyman from Jounieh, Lebanon. Maybe she's dead. Maybe she's "displaced". I know of her existence because she posted her photo on the Chris de Burgh's fan page. She loves Chris de Burgh. I love Chris de Burgh. I love her.

Today I saw my friend Luke, properly, for the first time in ages. We went sailing on the Serpentine in Central London. We had a picnic. We spoke to each other, all day. It made me very happy.

I bet Eliana wasn't happy today.

I'm crying again now, so I will stop. Goodnight, oh my beautiful people. I love you, I love you.

Edit: Eliana just emailed me saying "I'm not dead and I think your site is really cool, but please could you remove that picture of mine? You can keep the text, but just remove the picture :)"

So I have. Thanks Eliana!