Early for a home.

It is dark outside, you know, and I am up before everybody else. Because I have a house.

It is in London.

And I am in Bishopstoke.

But I have a house.

Wade and Birddogg and I - we have a house.

This thing I am not supposed to talk about means I can't actually SLEEP in it yet... hence the early up. I shall get the ten past eight, and maybe by eleven or so I shall be near my house.

It has started to fill with my things.

I haven't seen all my things in one place since JUne 2004, you know.

Not only is it filling with my old things, but with things New, like that keyboard.

As big as me.

We are rehearsing at 1, for tomorrow's Pop Will Eat Itsef shows. Those have crept up sharpish, eh. Someone told me Clint never showed in Nottingham. WEAK! I hope they're good. I am sure they will be.