Dublin Is Great, No?

First off, it should be noted that Akira The Don and The Women will be appearing at Cargo tomorrow night, Wednesday August 22nd. I am told we're on at 8:50, so get your asses there in time, or you'll miss the three new songs we're gonna play. Also appearing are Dragonette, Dead Disco and Sportsday Megaphone. OK, Dublin was wicked. We all had a fantastic time, especially Jeres, who wants to move there. Anyone wanna help kid make that dream come true? Shout out Colin and co - the gifts will be keeping me entertained for time. We started watching Dexter yesterday. It is very droll. All star Superman is the best Superman comic book I have ever laid eyes on. We are all looking forward to coming to play Galway in October.

So. Not too long. It is, after all, nearly September. Summer is pretty much done. I, for one, feel cheated. This has been the worst Summer in living memory. We had a few weeks of sunshine in April, and a week at the start of August. The rest has been drizzle and shit. I was glad of that one week - we picked blackberries (which don't usually come out till September) and got tanlines. But that, it seems, is it now. Summer 2007, done with. Nice one. Cheers.

Saying that, maybe this freakishness means we're gonna have a lovely Autumn. I live in hope. This grey makes me depressed. My VAT bill just came in, my PC has stopped working, and will need repairing... My bed is broken, the kitchen's a mess, and they don't sell fish in Clapton. I will start with what I can control. To the kitchen.