Dreaming, Instead Of Just Leaving

"It's a conceit of liberalism to believe knowledge is power, and it's a deceit of the "Information Age" to mistake information for knowledge. Gone missing, for the greater part, is wisdom. Find that, and maybe we find our power."Jeff Wells

"You know what I think it is, it's the bleedin' obvious. That's what magic is, it's just becoming aware of the absolute obvious. And suddenly it all becomes magic, it's just like when you take acid, everything becomes significant. Magic makes everything significant. And it gives meaning to everything, it enriches everything, so I want to work with that. It's like a drug, it's better than that, it enriches the world, we can peer into the rest of our lives. Our bodies make huge armies of antibodies that never really do anything. And we don't even think about what we're doing, these huge machines that we move around in, that we operate in, and my god, that's nothing but real magic. And once you become aware of it, you pay for the Understanding, you make the Understanding applicable." Grant Morrison

I am so the kiss of death. After not really feeling most of the last Streets album, it does the unexpected and goes huge, birthing a number one and everything. This one comes along, Martin plays it me on an iPod in a pub, I go mad - this record is amazing. Really. Really really. I am stunned. It is brilliant. I am still excited about buying a proper copy of it - the sleeve looks ace. Putting a palm tree on that lighter has made my least favourite band logo my new favourite.

But rumblings on the streets (and I mean the cobbled streets, the high streets, the posh streets, not the streets - not the roads - its crap. Grauniad wankers say its crap. Ex-ememeehacks who write for broadsheets say its crap. Bloggers who haven't heard it say it's crap. "Haters", as So Solid called them, say its crap.

They say he's moaning about being famous. He's not! he's telling the truth! He's spilling the beans! He's lifting the curtain! Shopping the charade! And yes, there are those that would rather we believe winning Pop Idol will save us, or whatever. But they are scum. The same swine who, over a number of generations, convinced a whole country that power and money are to worship above all... who are now trying to convince the rest of the world. What do these fools know anyway? Of use? Nothing! Listen to me! I know all! Or at least the bits you need to know. In relation to the Streets' album. It's ace! GoshDARNIT!

Oh, in addition to that list I posted last month, I remembered a few other bands I used to really like - Gay Dad, and Ultrasound.


Yahoo are in on the Nuke Iran Plans now. I recall writing about this a year ago and getting an inbox full of poopooing. Perhaps I am in the midst of a really long, really stupid dream. I could be.

And so, my dear, could you.