Calling the UK is proving difficult - Bird has broken his phone and lost all his numbers, and I left mine somewhere. So the only numbers I can remeber - Druze's and work's - are not giving me any joy. So here's what's up, London. Me and that Bird are not going to be able to get back for the 30th. So the shows we were meant to be doing at Cargo on the 30th, as Akira The Don and The Dogg and as part of Crack Village, will not happen. Hopefully CeeVee will anyway - there are three of them over there and they have the skills to do the stuff... So. Me and that Dogg have been busting out limbo beats. Can't record vocals as the PC has a dusty old sound card that records nothing but hiss. I stayed in last night while the kids went out to watch Wade juggle, but suceeded only in transferring Catholic Anthem 'Every Sperm Is Sacred' from Spiky's Mac.

And hey - I had a great dream last night. me and the Dogg joined The Stiff Little fingers, to make it hardcore again. We played this pretty big church hall, and I didn't know any words really. so I threw myself about the stage, up-ending tables and leaping into the air and crashing them down on the legs so they broke. At the end of the first song I looked up to find the entire audience, bar one guy throwing beer, had left in disgust. It was amazing.