I wrote two songs yesterday. One is a really rotten synthetic horrorcore robo-sex landscape, and one is a massive pop song about collective consciousness. This is the way we ball.

"You don't really want it with Dizzy I get busy."

Jeff and Phil rang me at 7am, having just seen my boys The Eighties Matchbox destroy Texas, and for the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't go straight back to sleep, but arose, like a sleepy phoenix, and plugged myself into my music making machine, where I now sit, pondering my latest creation, writing to you.

I wonder whether I should stay here until tomorrow, and make more music, or go home and record vocals, and maybe see someone or other.


Hey, remember a long time ago, I told you about a polish animation about a life I'd seen on an aeroplane, that made me cry but I didn't know what it was?

My little brother Ally discovered it recently, and you can watch it online. It is just as beautiful and sad and wonderful and amazing as I remembered, and it is called Harvie Krumpet. You can watch it here